Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Katharina Kiebacher and T. A. Straub at the Goethe Institute

Katharina Kiebacher and T. A. Straub

At the beginning there is darkness

21.02.2008 - 20.03.2008
Goethe-Institut Glasgow
Free Admission
The exhibition will be opened on Thursday, 21 February, 7pm.
This exhibition presents works by Katharina Kiebacher and T.A. Straub who have received scholarships by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and are currently students on the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art.

Image credits: Kiebacher "Wirthe", 2005 and Straub "Hundekampfszene" (Dog Fight Scene), 2007

Katharina Kiebacher is interested in the essence of photography as a medium that creates universal visual conventions and contributes to the collective memory of images in society. In her work she presents basic and specific images that are familiar to all of us. Kiebacher questions visual conventions as well as typical and ideal representations of important issues. The reduction of the composition makes it possible to express universal statements about visual phenomena and to show the potential of photography to transform reality into an image. The character of photography allows information to be included that strongly refers to the time in which the picture was taken. This may not be the intention of the photographer in the moment of exposure but can nevertheless become relevant to a documentary approach in the future. What will turn out to be evidence for a certain period of time is beyond the control of the photographic practice today. Kiebacher connects the typical and the exemplary with the present time and aims to find a contemporary visual approach for the overall important and essential issues.

Katharina Kiebacher, born 1974 in Freising, Germany, studied photography at the Folkwangschule Essen. In 2007 she received a postgraduate scholarship from the DAAD at the Glasgow School of Art.

T.A. Straub’s current work combines elements of sculpture, installation, concept art as well as graphic designs. Terms like Requisite, Inventory, Ritual, Plot, Scenography and Theatre accompany his work process. Straub’s practice, which is highly characteristic of the creative process, includes turning concerns, concepts and values, mostly associated to the occident, either into something profane or sacred. The resultant ambivalence habitually shows caricature-like streaks that are often critical of our civilisation or culture, even if the attempt of an analysis or a positioning seems to be of higher importance than a distinct educational approach.

T.A. Straub, born 1976 in Villingen, Germany, studied wooden sculpture in Oberammergau and fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, where he graduated in 2007 as Masterstudent by Prof. H.Klingelh├Âller. In 2007 he received a DAAD scholarship for a one-year post graduate study at the Glasgow School of Art.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Saturday 19, April
MFA Open Studios 3:00-9:00PM
NotYourAverageEveningEvent 9:00-11-00PM

The Glasgow School of Art Master of Fine Art Programme, in participation with the Glasgow international Festival [Gi], presents a day of open studios and an evening event.

Come join us on Saturday 19, April from 3:00-9:00 PM for a unique glimpse inside the Master of Fine Art studios. The event will feature screening of videos and performance works throughout the day.

Following these events from 9:00 - 11:00 PM the public is invited to NotYourAverageEveningEvent, an evening of interventions, interruptions and interferences presented by the greater community of the Glasgow School of Art.

NotSoAverageEveningEvent is free but ticketed.
For directions and ticketing information visit: www.mfagsa-OpenStudios.blogspot.com

Glasgow International [Gi]: www.glasgowinternational.org/


GSA: NotYourAverageEveningEvent
The deadline for POST DELIVERY is 27, February, 2007

The Glasgow School of Art, School of Fine Art, presents an evening of performance, intervention, sculpture and music hosted by the Master of Fine Art Programme. Following MFA Open Studios on 19th April from 9-11PM the public is invited for refreshments and temporal interventions in the McLellan Galleries. The event will feature time, space and audience intervention works submitted from the greater community of The Glasgow School of Art. All members of the GSA community including students and alumni from all departments, as well as staff are encouraged to submit to this Juried event. From the Jury's selections an event score will be composed, with an effort to conduct an evening experience that reflects the diversity and exuberance of GSA's artistic community and showcase its contribution to the grist of Glasgow's thriving artistic community.

In addition the committee will also consider small-scale email proposals for actions to be performed by volunteers members of the audience. This is intended to extend the opportunity for participation to individuals who will not be able to attend the evening – for example alumni living overseas. To learn how to submit visit: http://mfagsa-openstudios.blogspot.com/

The event will be held in the McLellan Galleries, using the rear entrance located on Renfrew Street between Dalhousie and Rose Streets.

* The event is free and open to the public but ticketed.
* Tickets can be obtained on the day of the event during the mfaOpenStudios.

For important dates and Application Guidelines please visit:

For information, announcements, directions & ticketing please visit:

For further activities of the GSA MFA visit:

Glasgow School of Art: www.gsa.ac.uk/
Glasgow International [Gi]: www.glasgowinternational.org/

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Mair Hughes and Katie McGown

You are warmly welcomed to CAKED ON: New work by Mair Hughes and Katie McGown.
(MFA graduates 2007)

Project Room
64 Osborne Street

17th - 24th February
Preview Saturday 16th 7-9pm
Open Thurs - Sun 1pm to 6pm

If you should happen to find yourself in Glasgow on the 16th, and would like to join us, I can promise you the following:

* Many, many stairs to climb
* Sponges, egg yolks and pearls in innovative combinations and shocking configurations
* A variety of cheap beers for sale
* Cakes of many colours

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Artist talks

Artist talks during this term have included Aaron Williamson and Martin Boyce. Next up is Adam Sutherland, curator and director of Grizedale Arts on Monday 18th February at 2.30pm. More info at www.grizedale.org