Monday, 22 August 2011

more pictures of our new home

The MFA has just moved to the JD Kelly building on Hill Street. Here are some photos of the exterior and some of our new studios.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Sommer & Kohl
Kurf├╝rstenstrasse 13
10785 Berlin
Tel + 49 30 2300 5581

6th - 27th August 2011
Opening Times: Tue to Sat 11.00-18.00

Opening reception: 6 August, 18.00-20.00

Arratia, Beer
Mehringdamm 55

D-10961 Berlin

Te: +49 30 23 63 08 05

6th - 27th August 2011
Opening Times: Tue to Sat 11.00-18.00

Opening reception: 5 August, 18.00-20.00


Recent work by graduates of the MFA programme, Glasgow School of Art

The Master of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art is happy to extend
its relationship with the city of Berlin. For the fifth year running
graduates of the MFA will exhibit their work in Berlin, marking an important
stage in their development as independent artists. One of a small number of
two-year postgraduate fine art programmes in the UK, the MFA has helped to
establish Glasgow as a dynamic and international centre for contemporary
art. The multidisciplinary nature of the programme ensures a wide range of
work, in terms of both medium and subject matter, and an overall vibrancy.
The MFA international exhibition programme has previously included shows in
New York, Mexico City, Beijing, Budapest, Rotterdam and Copenhagen, helping
to establish important links across the world. These international ambitions
are also reflected in the range of nationalities of the artists represented
here, the 24 exhibitors coming from 11 different countries.

Previous graduates from the MFA include Simon Starling (Turner Prize winner,
2005), Karla Black (Scottish Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2011), Rosalind
Nashashibi (Beck's Futures prize winner, 2003), Martin Boyce (Scottish
Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2009), Richard Wright (MOMA, New York; Turner
Prize 2009), Michael Fullerton (British Art Show, 2011), and Claire Barclay
(Scottish Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2003).

Danielle Abbiate (USA)
Tori Drost (Canada)
Carla Easton (UK)
Francis Horner (USA)
James Hutchinson (UK)
Alex Impey (UK)
Song-yun Kim (South Korea)
Jason Mathis (Canada)
Katie McCain (Canada)
Elizabeth McDonald (USA)
Giuseppe Mistretta (UK)
Marlena Morris (USA)
John Nicol (UK)
Carla Novi (Mexico)
Camillo Paravicini (Switzerland)
Anne Patsch (USA)
Amy Reinthaler (USA)
Sybren Renema (Netherlands)
Sofia Silva (Portugal)
Suzie Smith (Canada)
Jonathan Thomson (UK)
Jocelyn Villemont (France)
Shelton Walker (USA)
Alberta Whittle (Barbados)

image: Jonathan Thomson: still from "Wills", 2011