Friday, 30 October 2009

MFA Auction 2009

The Glasgow School of Art
MFA Auction 2009

McLellan Galleries
Saturday 5th December 2009
6pm Preview & Silent Auction
8pm Live Auction begins

Fast becoming a tradition on the Glasgow art calendar, the MFA auction is organised each year by final year Masters students to raise funds for their degree show catalogue and touring exhibition.

This year’s auction promises to be a great success, featuring work by prominent artists such as Jim Lambie, Ross Sinclair, Graham Fagen, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, David Sherry, Claire Barclay, Martin Boyce, Victoria Morton and Kate Davis, as well as current students and recent graduates of the MFA programme.

We would be delighted if you could join us on 5th December for this special event. It will be a great opportunity to purchase works from well-known and emerging artists, as well as support this worthwhile cause.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Richard Wright - Turner Prize

Richard Wright (MFA 1994) is on the shortlist for the Turner Prize 2009

Jenny Hogarth at Frieze art fair

Jenny Hogarth (MFA graduate 2009) will present her collaborative work Players made with Kim Coleman at the Frieze art fair 2009. Based upon a projection of stage-managed and live events filmed at the fair, transforming the exposition into a mise-en-scene featuring unwitting visitors, gallerists and fair workers.

As the entire fair becomes subject to and of the work, Players effectively changes the experience of viewing from spectacle to participatory event. Players is located next to A14, opposite Hix Oyster Bar and Restaurant.

Kaifeng Chun wins Singapore Art Prize

ONE corner of the Singapore Art Museum has been transformed into an office.

A desk and chair are placed in the middle of the space. A laptop computer lies open on the table. Files are neatly arranged on shelves and a paper tray sits on top of a cupboard.

Everything seems to be in order. It looks like the office of a very neat worker. But as your eyes glide over the mainly grey and white furniture lit by the harsh fluorescent lights, little things look slightly out of place. A grey knife juts out of a penholder, hinting at violence. A tiny flag lies in the waste paper basket. Could it be a symbol of surrender?

This installation, hinting at the regimented office life, yesterday bagged the richest art award in town: the Singapore Art Exhibition prize, which comes with a $50,000 grant.

Relative newcomer Chun Kaifeng, 26, beat 28 other artists with his installation, He's Satisfied From Monday To Friday And On Sunday He Loves To Cry.

Chun, who is studying for his master's in fine art at The Glasgow School of Art on a National Arts Council (NAC) overseas bursary, told The Straits Times in a phone interview from Glasgow: 'My work always draws from my experiences of living in Singapore. The room is a reflection of life in Singapore, which is very controlled. There is a sense of stillness, of waiting.' (The Straits Times 7th October 2009)