Thursday, 12 April 2012

What I Know Is

What I Know Is’ by Carla Easton, Marlena Morris, Shelton Walker

Preview, Friday 13th April, 5-7pm

April 14th – April 30th , open daily 12-5pm (closed Tuesdays and Sundays)

The Glasgow Art Club, 185 Bath Street, G2 4HU

'What I Know Is’ by recent MFA graduates Carla Easton, Marlena Morris, Shelton Walker, one of fourteen Mutual members projects for The Mutual Charter.

The birth of the Web 2.0 generation has allowed an online world in which users, bloggers and uploaders can now share and remix their culture freely. A democratic platform has emerged blurring the once noticeable hierarchy between content producer and content viewer. Wiki, a predominant terminology of Web 2.0, is a misconception of the abbreviation for the expression 'What I Know Is'. Online the wiki represents anonymous collaborative engagement in order to construct websites that contain non-hierarchical shared knowledge through editing and modification. Transferring this paradigm offline has resulted in a re-recognising of the creation and display of works - lest part of a public or community based project - within the structure of the traditional gallery space or museum, invoking questions of accessibility and authorship within these respected institutions.

'What I Know Is' will attempt to apply the model of the wiki to the customary galleried exhibition. Carla Easton, Marlena Morris and Shelton Walker will submit their 'what I know' by and with the creation of a new artwork (the original), which will then be parodied with alterations and modifications by the other two artists (the re-edit) in their chosen style. These artworks have been staged in three pop-up events, culminating in this final exhibition at Glasgow’s Art Club, and will be composed of three triptychs each containing two augmentations of an original work.

Commissioned by The Mutual in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, The Mutual: Charter draws inspiration from Glasgow’s history of socialist investment in guilds and unions, a campaign-style build up of live and online events will take place towards the festival in 2012, marking the progress of a series of fourteen simultaneous international projects. Each of these projects has been proposed and created by Mutual Members in response to an open call to explore new and existing international links within The Mutual membership, and which consider collaboration and conversation over continents with artists, organisations, events and locations.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Glasgow International Festival 2012

The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art opens next week with numerous exhibitions and projects featuring graduates of the MFA Programme at Glasgow School of Art.

Check out the website for more information

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Artist's Bond

We're all in this together!

This April, exactly two years on from the launch of the Artists' Lottery Syndicate, we are very pleased to announce the launch of our new collective venture for UK based artists looking for a lucky break...

The Artists' Bond was established in 2011 by the forty members of the Artists' Lottery Syndicate who were keen for its collective spirit to live on long into the future - bonding us together over the course of our careers.

From 1 April - 1 July each year, The Artists' Bond will open its doors for up to 40 new artists to join us.

  • Do not miss this; your first opportunity to join us!
  • Invest just £30 to qualify for your share of our annual payouts for the rest of your life.

Please see the website for more information and email me ASAP if you would like to get involved:

Very best wishes,

Ellie Harrison (MFA graduate 2010)
Agent for The Artists' Bond

At the Leaky Margins

New City Space presents

At the Leaky Margins
An exhibition by current MFA student Simon Buckley
06.04.12 to 20.04.12

06.04.12, 6 - 10pm
Closing Party
20.04.12, 6 - 10pm

Viewing by Appointment
0756 418 5192