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Glasgow Malmö International Artists’ Exchange – Always On The Move

Glasgow Malmö International Artists’ Exchange – Always On The Move

Always On The Move
Glasgow Malmö International Artists’ Exchange

Part of The Glasgow Masters Series 2013

ARTISTS: Chun Kai Qun, Saejin Choi, George Gray, Joo Choon Lin, Darius Kowal, Gabriel Leung, Stephen Murray, Fraser Sim, Martinka Bobrikova / Oscar de Carmen, Malin Franzén, Ingrid Furre, Martine Sepstrup Jensen, Nina Jensen, Bjarni Þór Pétursson, Maiken Stene.

Preview: Thursday 19 September, 6pm

19 – 27 September 2013
Fleming House Underground Car Park
134 Renfrew St, Glasgow, G3 6ST

Discussion with Remco de Bliaaj and Toby Paterson
17 September 2013
Fleming House Stress Free Space
(By invitation only)
Always On The Move
19 – 27 September 2013
Fleming House Underground Car Park

The Social
25 September 2013
The Old Hairdressers

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Monday, 16 September 2013

Jamaica - part of The Glasgow Masters Series 2013



Part of The Glasgow Masters Series 2013

Simon Buckley, Jennifer Campbell, Patrick Cole, Hardeep Pandhal
The play is set in an expensive hotel room in Leeds. Ian, a foul-mouthed middle-aged tabloid journalist has brought a young woman, Cate, to the room for the night. Cate is much younger than Ian, emotionally fragile, and seemingly intellectually simple. Throughout Scene 1, Ian tries to seduce Cate, but she resists. All the while, Ian proudly parades his misogyny, racism and homophobia. The scene ends with the sound of spring rain.
Scene 2 begins the next morning. Ian rapes Cate during one of her fits. She attacks him and then escapes through the bathroom window. Then, unexpectedly, a soldier enters the room brandishing a gun. The hotel room is then struck by a mortar bomb, and the scene ends with the sound of summer rain.
In Scene 3, the hotel room is in ruins; the bomb has blasted a hole in the wall. The soldier and Ian begin to talk, and it is gradually revealed that the hotel is located in the midst of a brutal war. The soldier tells Ian about appalling atrocities that he has witnessed and taken part in, involving rape, torture and genocide, and says he has done everything as an act of revenge for the murder of his girlfriend. He then rapes Ian, and sucks out his eyes. The scene ends with the sound of autumn rain.
In Scene 4, Ian lies blinded next to the soldier, who has committed suicide. Cate returns, describing the city being overrun by soldiers, and bringing with her a baby that she has rescued. The baby dies, and she buries it in a hole in the floorboards and leaves, but not before arguing with Ian about the utility or futility of praying during a burial. The scene ends with the sound of heavy winter rain.
Scene 5 consists of a series of brief images, showing Ian crying, masturbating and even hugging the dead soldier for comfort as he starves in the ruined room. Eventually, he crawls into the hole with the dead baby and eats it. The stage direction then reads that Ian dies. It starts raining, and Ian says “Shit”. Cate returns, bringing a sausage that she has paid for by having sex with the soldiers outside. She eats and hand-feeds the rest of her meal to Ian, who says: ‘Thank you’.
Text Simon Buckley and Sarah Kane.

Simon Buckley (b. 1984, UK)
Simon gained his MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Prior to this he was awarded an MA in Metaethics from Bristol University. In 2014 he will undertake one year as a guest student at Stadelschule, Frankfurt am Main. Recent shows include ‘Radio Arthur’, Kunsthalle Baselland (Basel), ‘Ps & Qs’ Joshua Baskin Gallery (Glasgow) and ‘Sessions Polivalents #2′. Hangor (Barcelona).
Jennifer Campbell (b.1985, UK)
Jennifer is currently studying for her MFA in painting at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (UCL). Recent shows include ‘Premonitions’, TAP Gallery, (Southend-on-Sea), ‘Habits, Cleavages and Fractures,’ The Rock Room, UCL (London), ‘Ininland’, Inland studios, Camberwell (London) and ‘Eastern Pavilions’, Bethnal Green Library (London).
Patrick Cole (b. 1985, UK)
Patrick is currently studying for his MFA at The Glasgow School of Art. From October he will undertake a three-month exchange at The Stadelschule, Frankfurt am Main. Recent shows include ‘New Contemporaries 2013’, Spike Island (Bristol) and ‘The Response’, Sunday Painters (London).
Hardeep Pandhal (b. 1985, UK)
Hardeep gained his MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Recent shows include ‘New Contemporaries 2013’, Spike Island Gallery (Bristol), ‘Colme Cille Spiral: A Convocation’, The Mackintosh Museum (Glasgow), ‘Tattoo City: The First Three Chapters’, Castlefield Gallery (Manchester) and ‘Contemporary Figuration’, Exhibition Space Cube (Copenhagen).

Laughter is usually the end of the conversation

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ciara Phillips: Workshop (2010 – ongoing)

Ciara Phillips: Workshop (2010 – ongoing)2 October–30 November 2013

Preview: Tuesday 1 October, 6:30–8:30pm

The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ
Hours: Wednesday–Saturday noon–6pm

T +44 (0) 207 724 4300

The Showroom presents a major new commission by Canadian/Irish artist Ciara Phillips (GSA MFA 2004). For her first London solo show, a new print-based installation will be presented alongside a temporary screenprinting workshop within The Showroom's gallery.

Throughout October and November, Phillips will be based in the gallery producing new screen prints in collaboration with artists and invited groups. These will include designers and local women's groups (many of whom have ongoing relationships with The Showroom) who will bring their different knowledge and experience of working collectively to the Workshop. These new collaborations will initiate conversations and actions that aren't contained within specific disciplines of art, community action, design or activism.

Phillips' long-term commitment to collaborative production underpins her expansive solo printing practice that makes use of screenprinting, wall drawing and photography to create context-specific installations. Collaborative work includes projects with Poster Club, a group of Glasgow-based artists that she initiated in 2010 and with which she regularly collaborates.

Workshop (2010 – ongoing) explores the relations between the interlinked strands of Phillips' solo and collective work, and is informed by her recent research into the history of London-based print collectives. By making prints in new collaborative groupings at The Showroom, Phillips will explore the potential of 'making together' as a way of negotiating ideas and generating discussions around experimental and wider uses of print.

A limited edition produced to accompany the exhibition will be available for sale at The Showroom.

Ciara Phillips (b.1976) is a Canadian/Irish artist based in Glasgow and a graduate of the MFA Programme at Glasgow School of Art. Recent exhibitions include There Will Be New Rules Next Week, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee (2013); And more, solo exhibition at Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2013); The Souls: A Twice-Told Tale, group exhibition at CEAAC (European Centre for Contemporary Art Projects), Strasbourg (2013); Slippery under pressure, OUTPOST, Norwich (2012); Pull Everything Out, with Corita Kent at Spike Island, Bristol (2012); Start with a practical idea, Gregor Staiger, Zürich (2012); The only rule is work, Kendall Koppe, Glasgow (2011); Springtime will never be the same, Deuxieme Bureau/Galerie Parisa Kind, Frankfurt (2011) and Zwischenraum: Space Between, Der Kunstverein, Hamburg (2010). Phillips was awarded the Drawing Room Bursary Award, and is undertaking a residency there during August 2013.

Friday, 6 September 2013

You're my wife now


Opening Friday, September 6th 2013 18:00

MFA graduates Heike Kabisch and Carla Scott Fullerton
 show new work alongside
Kasia Fudakowski in Berlin.
Freitag    6.9.2013 18:00 - 22:00
Samstag  7.9.2013 14:00 – 18:00

Die Lustige Grube
Leipziger Straße 41, 10117 Berlin
(im Park Ecke Charlottenstraße)

Vacancy Chain

Vacancy Chain is the latest exhibition in The Glasgow Masters Series 2013.

Vacancy Chain. Group show with AJ Meadows, Stephen Murray, Seth Orion Schwaiger, Fraser Sim, Lisa Ure, Sasha Panyuta, Alex Sarkisian, Vigdis Storsveen, Jon Thomson, James Winnett.

5th – 16th September
Carpark, 134 Renfrew Street
Glasgow G3 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Alterforum - The Glasgow Masters Series 2013

Alterforum Events 

Part of The Glasgow Masters Series 2013

3rd September:
1:00 – 03:00                  An Attempt to Feel Freer by Sarah F. Maloney
5th September:
1:00 – 03:00                  An Attempt to Feel Freer by Sarah F. Maloney
6th September:
1:00 – 5:00                    Social Drawing by Sarah F. Maloney
5:30 – 7:30                    Potluck Dinner   *bring food to share
7:30 – 9:30                    IMPORTED: A Tasting Event by Lauren Wells, Tickets £5
7th September:        
1:00 – 4:00                    An Afternoon in Govan, Closing Party

Throughout the course of 2013, a fluctuating group of 12 artists met under the name AlterForum. Following a series of potluck dinners, we discussed the evolution and purpose of participatory art and socially engaged practices in the contemporary art world. The works in this exhibition reflect upon the ways in which those discussions are related to or have altered each artist’s thinking and/or practice.

The Portal    Gallery 966         966 Govan Road

Gallery Hours     
Tues – Thurs 11:00 – 6:00    
Fri 11:00 – 9:00    
Sat 11:00 – 4:00

Reanimation Library with Katri Walker

Reanimation Library: Colonia Juárez Branch

Reanimation Library es una pequeña biblioteca pública en Brooklyn, proyecto iniciado por Andrew Beccone en 2001 con el objetivo de adquirir libros descontinuados, fuera de circulación o de ediciones no vigentes. A diferencia de las bibliotecas tradicionales, para las cuales el criterio de selección parte de la información del tomo, la compilación que Beccone realiza se basa en el rescate de libros con ilustraciones únicas de gran atractivo visual, hallazgos excepcionales donde el contenido académico o literario pasa a un segundo plano.
Los visitantes de la biblioteca pueden explorar las páginas de los libros, hacer una selección del material que hayan encontrado más atractivo y escanearlo o sacarle fotocopias. De esta manera se rescatan y se reactivan estos tomos permitiendo que circulen de nuevo y que se revaloricen.
Reanimation Library tiene como objetivos: 
• Construir una colección de fuentes que inspiren la producción de nuevos trabajos creativos 
• Indagar en la riqueza de la cultura gráfica y la imprenta 
• Señalar tesoros visuales dentro de lo que parecen ser libros ordinarios 
• Alentar la colaboración entre las personas 
• Ratificar el potencial generativo de las bibliotecas 
• Contribuir al legado cultural 
• Explorar caminos entre el mundo digital y el análogo
Desde 2009, Reanimation Library ha tenido múltiples ramas (branches) o sedes en distintas ciudades para las cuales Beccone ha creado pequeñas bibliotecas temporales adquiriendo obras en librerías de viejo locales. Para estas ramas (que toman el nombre de la colonia o barrio en las que se encuentran) se invitan artistas de distintas disciplinas para que participen generando obras inspiradas en las bibliotecas, ya sea en la colección en sí o en la idea detrás del proyecto. Las ramas se convierten en espacios interactivos, híbridos que tienen elementos de bibliotecas, galerías y estudios de artista.
A partir del 31 de agosto de 2013, talcual será sede de la primera rama de Reanimation Library en México, “Colonia Juárez Branch”, y contará con la participación de diez artistas contemporáneos que producirán piezas inspiradas en el proyecto: Gustavo Abascal, Iñaki Bonillas, Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes, Ricardo González, Sue Jeong Ka, Daniel Monroy, Emilia Sandoval, Enrique Santos, Arturo Soto y Katri Walker.
Con base en la dinámica del proyecto Reanimation Library, Fundación Alumnos47 presentará una serie de actividades artísticas-educativas de manera paralela a la exposición.
“Colonia Juárez Branch” se inaugurará en talcual, Praga 27, Colonia Juárez el 31 de agosto a las 12:00 p.m. y concluirá el 2 de noviembre.

galería de arte contemporáneo 
Praga 27 
Col. Juárez 
CP 06600 
Tel. +52(55)5514-9616

Oblique with Nils Guadagnin

Nils Guadagnin, 
Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski, 
Kristian Smith

07.09.2013 - 28.09.2013
Preview Saturday 7 september 6-9pm
Das Hund Performance 7.30pm

David Dale Gallery, 161 Broad Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow

The Rise and Fall of the Grey Mare's Tail

The inaugural Environmental Art Festival Scotland took place across Dumfries and Galloway from 30th August - 2nd September 2013.

As one of the main commission artists for the festival,  MFA graduate James Winnett developed The Rise and Fall of the Grey Mare's Tail, a gravity-fed fountain installed below a waterfall in the heart of the Galloway Forest Park. For directions to the work and further information see:

A limited edition letterpress print has been produced to accompany the project and will be available during the festival.

James was on site throughout Saturday, leading performative guided tours from 4pm.