Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mick Peter

IOP & SWG3 Gallery are glad to invite you to:

A solo show by Mick Peter


Friday 15.03.2013 - 7-9pm
After Party: 9pm-2am

Mick Peter in conversation with Tom Morton
 04.04.2013 | 7pmAt The Poetry Club
For this show, MFA graduate Mick Peter has been working on a new body of work taking literature, the world of ‘commercial’, illustration and graphic design as starting point. By using an anamorphic illusion the space will be transformed into a site for artifice and imagination, mimicking the tropes of ‘witty’ graphic design from the 60’s and 70’s. In this large scale installation Peter will continue investigate the transposition of drawings into sculptures and flat surfaces into improbable combinations of sculptural forms.

Mick Peter’s works assert the instability of meaning and the rhetorical potential of objects and images. His sculptural output transposes the absurdity and strangeness inherent in the work of writers and designers like Roland Topor, Stefan Themerson and Milton Glaser. In setting up strange and fantastical relationships his projects are disorientating and surprising.

Curated by Camille Le Houezec & Joey Villemont
Supported by Creative Scotland and SWG3.
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16.03.2013 – 27.04.2013
Weds-Sat 12-6pm
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Simon Starling at Tate Britain

'Phantom Ride'
Tate Britain Commission 2013
Duveen Galleries
Tate Britain, London
12 March – 20 October 2013

Marysia Gacek exhibition in New York

March 15, 2013 - April 12, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, March 15. 7pm - 9pm

NURTUREart Gallery, 56 Bogart St., Brooklyn NY
NURTUREart presents On the Golden Wire For Thirty Four, a collaboration between Marysia Gacek (current MFA student), Natalie Häusler, and Katharina Marszewski. Starting with the general idea of an exchange of content between artists, the initial focus of this project is put on the materiality of such content, rather than its possible meaning.

The point of departure is the limit: weight and volume of the most standard international package between the USA, UK and Germany. Each collaborator supplies one third of the materials and contributes to one Care Package*, which will travel from New York to Berlin to Glasgow to Berlin, before returning to its city of origin.

This exchange of matter focuses on the process, rather than what it manifests itself as in the end. The package is meant to supply three artists with the same materials to work with, without a pre-envisioned outcome. The collaboration examines individual methodologies leading to creating work using a model of giving and taking away.
When the package returns to New York, it will be put on display alongside artworks inspired by its content in a gallery exhibition at NURTUREart.

*Although “CARE package” is a registered trademarked term, originating in the wake of a World War II campaign to send food and supplies to Europe, the expression is still used in everyday vernacular to share the idea of providing comfort by sending food, supplies and small mementos. In 1945 Americans were given the opportunity to purchase a care package for 10 dollars to send to their friends or relatives. In 1962 President John F. Kennedy said that every CARE package is a personal contribution to the world peace and it expresses concern and friendship in a language all peoples understand.