Monday, 27 April 2009



The Hinterland Music and Art Festival

The Hinterland Music and Art Festival, Glasgow on Thursday 30 April 2009 and Friday 1 May 2009. Featuring work by Jack McLean.
The White House, a new space, has been selected as the art hub for the Hinterland Music and Art Festival.
The White House32 Washington StreetGlasgowG3 8AZ

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Christian Newby exhibition at V8 Karlsruhe

Installation view of Christian Newby's recent show at V8 Karlsruhe, Germany.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

CCA screening - Kingdom of Muin

A special iridescent selected screening of MFA and outsider videos from some artistically inclined people of The Kingdom of Muin, from Em and indeed some from beyond that have inspired her completely...

Featuring works..

Heaven Baek (Miss JK Hitler)
David McNeil
Levi Hanes
Anna Tanner
Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir
Erica Eyres
Mr K Anger
Kim Stewart
Joachim Trier...

and more unearthed footage from the nether regions.

FREE ENTRY. 7pm. CCA CINEMA. 14th April.

Jamie Radcliffe: The Exhibition

Oliver Braid Presents:

Jamie Radcliffe: The Exhibition

The Ultimate Romantic Gesture for One Night Only

SWG3/Studio Warehouse, Glasgow

Saturday 18th April 2009

6pm – 10pm

Thanks for sending me the PP. Good luck with it.

I still cannot understand you tho!!

When all the world is racked with war and terror and hope for change,

Why would you choose such a subject matter…

You baffle me…do keep in touch tho.

Tim Chamberlain, Invited Artist

This is an exhibition dedicated to Jamie Radcliffe, an upholsterer and part time footballer that I have been secretly in love with since I met him in a local pub when I was seventeen. Although we have rarely spoken, every time I go back to my home town at Christmas I think maybe this will be the time. I still can’t imagine that we won’t get married one day.

Artists Included: Simon Bayliss, Julie Burrows, Jon Burgerman, Aagje Buzink, Amelia Bywter, Celeste Carballo, Cordelia Cembrowicz, Kaifeng Chun, Matthew Collier, Alexis Dirks, Claire Dorsett, Caroline Douglas, Solveig Einarsdottir, Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight, Marc Elsener, Erica Eyres, Kitty Finer, Leo Fitzmaurice, Sarah Forrest, Patrick Gantert, Claire Greenshaw, Michelle Hannah and The Kingdom of Perpetual Muin, Ellie Harrison, Tom Harrup, Sean Hawkridge, Lena Henke, Anna Henson, Katharina Kiebacher, Paul Knight, Harry Lawson, Alice Maplesden, Amy Marletta/Patty Melt, Jack McLean, Alison Mellor, Jenny Moore Koslowsky, Shelly Nadashi, Christian Newby, Janie Nicoll, Sally Noall, Laurence Payot, James Price, Charlotte Prodger/Sophie MacPherson/Brina Thurston/ Kate Roberston, Paul Sammut, Rosemary Scanlon and Tytus Hardy, Peter Schoeffer, Maayke Schurer, Cheyenne Seeley, Anna Louise Shipley AKA Miss Shippers, Fiona Short, JP Somerville, Theodoris Stamatogiannis, Anna Tanner, Daren Tesar, Nancy Tomkins, Sally Tarbutt, Deniz Uster, Leah Watt, Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead, Alberta Whittle, Emily Womack, Tobias Wootton, Jamie Wright, Burcu Yagcioglu.

The complete History of World Terrorism

"The complete History of World Terrorism as We Know It Today + A solution" will take place Thursday 9th April at the CCA in the club room, 7pm