Sunday, 30 March 2014

Even more shows in Glasgow International featuring MFA graduates.....


Lotte Glob, Walker and Bromwich, Klaus Weber, Matthew Darbyshire, Jess Flood Paddock, Andy Holden, Alex Allan, Ewan Robertson and Gordon Munro, Jonathan Owen, Bobby Niven, George Wyllie, Iain Kettles, James McLardy, Alex Frost, Clare Stephenson, Nick Evans, Sarah Forrest, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Neil Livingstone, Jock Mooney, Beagles and Ramsay, Emma Pratt, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, David Shrigley, Ross Sinclair, Calum Stirling and historic works borrowed from Glasgow Museums.

Reclaimed - The Second Life of Sculpture

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr

Location: The Briggait
Wasps Studios presents Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture, a vast selection of works filling the courtyard space and displaying a wealth of objects from the past and present.
Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture features work held in long-term storage, including historical, modern and contemporary pieces, some of which have not been seen by the public for over two decades. The exhibition celebrates a multitude of sculptural practices, whilst addressing significant issues surrounding the production and collection of three dimensional work.
For details of associated talks and events check the website.
The exhibition is co-curated by Kate V Robertson, Martin Craig and Michelle Emery-Barker and supported by Glasgow International.

Jay Mosher & Lauren Hall

Comfortably Warm

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr

In this exhibition, artists Lauren Hall and Jay Mosher take inspiration from what they see as a change in quality of life residents of lower level tenement housing experience in comparison to their upstairs counterparts. Using contemporary objects, materials and processes, this site-responsive exhibition explores temperature variants in identical spaces determined merely by their change in elevation. Hall and Mosher share common interests in exploring new perspectives of consumer and industrial products and methodologies.



Alex Frost


Date: 05 Apr – 18 May Alex Frost’s exhibition at Glasgow Print Studio investigates themes of multiplicity, uniqueness and reproduction. This new work is based on the playful use of references, processes and materials dually referencing the nature of print and the current baby boom.
Working between contemporary and historical points of reference, Frost’s drawings and sculptures refer to the social, cultural or historical character of the gallery or public space that they are exhibited in. He often employs familiar signifiers of contemporary lifestyle as seen in his more recent large mosaics which suggest both an archaeological remain and a recent community initiative.

More Glasgow International shows with MFA graduates

Sigga Björg Sigurdardóttir and Erica Eyres


Date: 06 Apr – 21 Apr

Sniffer was born in the month of June, thus making him a typical Gemini. Abandoned by his parents at an early age, he spent his youth wandering the streets, aimlessly searching for food and love. All his life, Sniffer has suffered from a severe split personality (which is common amongst the Gemini), and has endured much pain and suffering throughout his quest for belonging…
Eyres and Sigurðardóttir have created a filmic installation within a traditional Glaswegian Victorian domestic space. Collaborative drawings, sculptures and video form a narrative around a character named Sniffer – an absurdist, grotesque version of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Allison Gibbs, Jennifer Bailey, Tessa Lynch, Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir


Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Kelly is an expanded exhibition, produced under the conditions of shared authorship. The exhibition is the result of artists Allison Gibbs, Jennifer Bailey, Tessa Lynch and Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir’s establishment of a working group and interest in the advantages and disadvantages of the group dynamic, confession, sharing expectations, friendship, personal ambition and the issues of asserting individuality among others.

Glasgow International more shows with MFA graduates

Dunja Herzog, G. Kung, Scott Rogers, Sarah Rose, Justin Stephens

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Type: Exhibition
Location: Nicholson Street


Michael Stumpf

This song belongs to those who sing it

Date: 04 Apr – 04 May
Type: Exhibition
Michael Stumpf’s sculptural practice uses a wide range of materials and processes to explore the nature of making and the existential experience of things. His work manifests itself in poetic sculptural propositions set in relation to one another to create carefully structured installations.
This ambitious new body of work considers the context of the art school as an ‘expanded field’, creating a sequence of points where the audience can encounter it.  It begins out on the street, creating new temporary landmarks on the balconies of Mackintosh and Reid buildings, then leads into the Mackintosh building, and concludes in the Mackintosh Museum.

Jim Colquhoun, Patrick Jameson, Steve Hollingsworth, Ellis Luxemburg

Kling Klang

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Type: Exhibition
Queens Park Railway Club are delighted to present Kling Klang, a series of collaborative projects by Jim Colquhoun, Steve Hollingsworth, Patrick Jameson and Ellis Luxemburg. Jameson and Luxemburg will present an installation featuring a three-dimensional laser cut rendering of an album cover by German electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk.  They will also be creating an open access electronic music studio for members of the public to interact with. Colquhoun and Hollingsworth will present new work under the name, Two Ruins. The duo’s work is a collaborative in

Charlotte Prodger

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Type: Exhibition
Location: McLellan Galleries
Charlotte Prodger’s installations and performances explore what happens to speech and other representations of the self as they metamorphose via time, space and various technological systems.  For Glasgow International 2014, Prodger produces a new sculptural installation that expands her on-going enquiry into the contingency and intimacy of materials both physical and textual.
Audio and video play through equipment that is itself in possession of its own highly specific technological capacity, design history and subcultural aesthetics. In addition to this installation, Prodger constructs a new body of Perspex sculptures, which explore the material’s optical nature as both transparent and impenetrable.
Elements of display and design are rerouted alongside decontextualised narratives, to create an itinerant space of desire.

Glasgow International 2014 featuring recent MFA graduates

Hardeep Pandhal

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Type: Exhibition
Location: Charlotte St
Recipient of the Glasgow Open Bursary, MFA graduate Hardeep Pandhal presents a project investigating the history and visual identity of the coffee substitute brand Camp Coffee. From his position as a British man of Indian origin he has re-imagined the characters on the company’s logo and their shifting colonialist reading.
A series of lamppost banners depicting Pandhal’s proposed branding will be erected on Charlotte St, where the original Camp Coffee factory once stood. Alongside this, is the premiere of a new film that documents the creation of the banners and explores the notion of self-censorship in relation to making a potentially polemical public artwork. Information about the film is also available on the festival website.


Lola Dupre, Elizabeth McDonald, John Nicol, Carla Novi, and Gaby Peters, curated by Seth Orion Schwaiger

Sehnsucht and The Chalet Archive

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr
Type: Exhibition

Friday, 21 March 2014



Heaven Baek, Briggs & Cole, Raydale Dower
22 March – 4 May 2014
Reid Gallery, Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6RF

You are warmly invited to the inaugural public exhibition in the Reid Gallery featuring specially commissioned work by four GSA graduates from different disciplines.

For the opening public exhibition in The Glasgow School of Art’s Reid Gallery, a purpose built exhibition space on the ground floor of the new Reid Building, GSA Exhibitions has invited four of the GSA’s alumni - Briggs & Cole, Raydale Dower and Heaven Baek - to respond to the architecture of the space and this point in the GSA’s 170 year history. Incorporating both physical and digital works, the exhibition exploits the full potential of the new gallery space. The exhibition runs from 22 March – 4 May 2014 and is part of the included programme for the 2014 Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

Opening hours: 22 March - 4 May 2014, Mon-Sat: 11am - 5pm, Sun: 11am - 4pm Open to 8pm Thursdays during Glasgow International (3,10,17 April)

Free admission to gallery

Image credit: Untitled, 2011, Raydale Dower. Courtesy of the artist.

Zoe Willliams - new show in Paris

Zoe Williams

Movements in Love

21 March - 3 May 2014

Vernissage/Opening Friday March 21st, 18h00

Galerie Antoine Levi
44, rue Ramponeau
F-75020 Paris

Wednesday, 5 March 2014



Glasgow School of Art
Students' Association
& MFA Auction 2014

Saturday 8th March

Jeremy Deller
Christine Borland
Michael Fullerton
Jim Lambie
Eva Rothschild
Karla Black
Ryan Gander
Ross Sinclair
David Shrigley
Nicolas Party
Claire Barclay
Duncan Campbell
Martin Boyce
Lorna Macintyre
Simon Starling
and many more.

Doors open at 6.30pm
7pm - 9pm Silent Auction
9pm - 10pm Live Auction
10.30pm – till late After Party

Ticket price - £5, which includes complimentary drink and canapés

The Art School, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow G3 6PE
All works can be viewed at
0141 353 4533

We have just received some fantastic new donations for the live auction with artists including - Christine Borland, David Shrigley, Jim Lambie, Karla Black, Ryan Gander, Duncan Campbell, Martin Boyce, Toby Paterson, Eva Rothschild, Claire Barclay, Michael Fullerton, Sarah Tripp, John Shankie, Christina McBride, Stuart Mackenzie, Alistair Payne and Jeremy Deller.

For those who have a smaller budget the silent auction showcases Glasgow's best new talent, with a selection of art works donated by the Master of Fine Art students.

The 2014 auction will take place at GSA's newly renovated "Vic" on 20 Scott Street, Garnet Hill on Saturday 8th March. We have also teamed up with Lyon and Turnbull who will be running the auction. In addition the Students Association will also hold an after party in their newly reopened Victoria Café bar, with guest DJ’ sets from some of the participating artists.

We would also like to thank our sponsors  - ArtStore, WEST Brewery, Art Hire, Lyon and Turnbull, The Art School and Glasgow School of Art, who are all donating their valuable time and resources to enable the auction to take place.

For further information on the auction, please contact -
Visit the website for latest updates and news
or twitter @GSA_Auction

Nils Guadagnin - new solo show in Paris

MFA graduate Nils Guadagnin solo exhibition, 
Unphysical is at the Galerie Derouillon, Paris, 14 march - 12 april 2014.
Preview 13 march, 6pm.

Galerie Derouillon
38 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris

Dear Green

27.02.14 - 02.03.14

Dear Green is the title of an exhibition which brings together artists from two cities, Berlin and Glasgow, in an ambitious large scale interdisciplinary show within the old good depot and railway station of Moabit. Spanning an eclectic range of work the show brings two communities of artists together for the first time. From moving image, installation and tapestry, to performance, Dear Green is a testament to the diversity of new work being made in these two cities and highlights a fleeting moment in the brief coming together of these artists and their practices.

With works by

Jack Cheetham, Romany Dear, Sinead Dunn, Beth Dynowski, Marysia Gacek, Hella Gerlach, Alexander Storey Gordon, Lauren Gault, Steven Grainger, Michelle Hannah, Ashanti Harris & Lauren Wright, Natalie Häusler, Ginny Hutchison, Patrick Jameson, Jamie Kane, John Kellock, Christopher Kline, Heejoon Lee, Rachel Levine, Ellis Luxemburg, Sogol Mabadi, Sophie Macpherson, Zoë Claire Miller, Sasha Panyuta, Marta Perović, Sophie Reinhold , Kari Robertson, Adrian Schindler & Eulàlia Rovira, Katie Shambles, Kelli Sims, Paul Sochacki, Susannah Stark, Dane Sutherland, Nadim Vardag, Dominic Watson, Michael White

Curated by Melissa Canbaz & Beth Dynowski