Sunday, 24 February 2013

David Sherry - Sense Makes No Sense

Sense Makes No Sense
d Sherry
The Changing Room, Stirling

16 Feb - 12 April 2013

MFA graduate David Sherry’s art practice centres around performative ideas relating to everyday life and depicting ordinary experiences from a new perspective. Exploring beliefs, social interaction and real experience. Making works that re-access the acceptance of common values and exploring the thin vale of sanity and the contradictions in life.

Sherry gains, through his work, an insight into the psychological diversity of any singular situation, fragmenting what is accepted and analysing a basic moment in day to day life. Conveying the idea that nothing is permanent or stable, questioning what is understood and re-evaluating a collective perspective.

For his solo show at The Changing Room Sherry will present new video works alongside a new series of drawings & paintings.

Conor Kelly - New Work Scotland

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Roll Over

16 FEB. - 21 APR. 2013

Opening:Fri, 15.02.2013, 19 Uhr / 7 p.m.
Curated by: Bianca Visser
16.02.2013, 15 Uhr / 3 p.m., Artist Talk with Hirofumi Suda (ENG)
21.03.2013, 19 Uhr / 7 p.m., Conversation between Valérie Lalonde, guest of honour, life companion and regular collaborator of Richard Leacock since 1989, and Bianca Visser (ENG)
22.04.2013, 19 Uhr / 7 p.m., Lecture and talk with Glorianna Davenport, Principle Research Scientist, MIT Cambridge/Mass., and Bianca Visser. I
n cooperation with Amerika Haus e.V. NRW 
"Roll Over" is a tribute to the lifelong commitment to the development of cinematography by British-American filmmaker Richard Leacock (London 1921-2011 Paris). His aspiration to get closer to reality and the methodology he developed to accomplish this aim, influenced filmography as we know it today. This exposition wants to bring forth new understandings of documentary in its capacity to shape the world. Video and "Final Cut Pro" are a few of the inventions that have made film accessible to a wider public. Still, the basic concerns of a documentary filmmaker haven’t fundamentally changed since film was born: Do I or do I not make a story. How can I get closer to the subject I’m interested in and how to reveal circumstances that have gone unnoticed before. How do I express ideas. Two rare films by Richard Leacock will be shown alongside recent works by contemporary artists Yto Barrada (*1971, FR/MA), Duncan Campbell (*1972, IE), Jan Dietvorst (*1953, NL) & Roy Villevoye (*1960, NL), Luke Fowler (*1978, UK), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (*1970, ES) and Hirofumi Suda (*1978, JP). Their films are inquisitive, but not informative. Some of them defy their own nature, introducing fictional elements in a non-fiction setting. Others include footage of events that took place when the filmmaker was still a child, or before he or she was even born. In all cases, sequences have been gathered, classified and shaped into a form open to numerous interpretations.
Opening hours:
Do-Fr 14-18 Uhr, Sa-So 13-17 Uhr
Thu-Fri 2-6 p.m., Sat-Sun 1-5 p.m.
Richard Leacock. Community of Praise, 1981. Icarus Films, New York
D 50676 KÖLN
F +49 221 30234467

Corin Sworn at Chisenhale Gallery, London

8 February - 24 March 2013
Preview: Thursday 7 February 2013, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Chisenhale Gallery presents a newly commissioned work by Corin Sworn (MFA 2009). This will be Sworn’s largest and most ambitious exhibition to date and comprises a film presented as part of an installation with synchronised lighting and sound.

The Rag Papers (2013) explores the nature of attention, reuse and appropriation. The film’s worried narrative shifts between the perspectives of three characters who interact with a series of objects set within carefully designed domestic interiors. The film uses point of view shots and cutaway sequences to suggest the roaming nature of each character’s attention and in turn, reveals transient spaces such as hotel rooms, sorting depots and markets.

Layering multiple subjective viewpoints, Sworn’s characters shift back and forth between modes of remembering, looking, processing and reading. Objects play a central role in the film, almost as characters in their own right; the mise en scene becoming as potent as the action of the protagonists or any suggested narrative.

In recent work, such as the performance lecture Roaming Charges (2011), and HDHB (2011), made in collaboration with Charlotte Prodger, Sworn has explored the global circulation of objects and images. She expands upon these ideas in The Rag Papers with the inclusion of footage shot in second hand goods warehouses – vast repositories where post-consumer textiles and household goods are sorted for reuse and shipped to locations around the world. Here the past trails into the present as objects are recycled across place and time.

Sworn is interested in the means by which artefacts are borrowed, adapted and reconfigured to tell different stories. Her work explores the social ordering of attention and how the erratic nature of perception might undermine control. Sworn’s films and installations often incorporate found images, over which she voices her own narratives, themselves composed from fragments of other texts.

In The Rag Papers Sworn continues this use of appropriation but renegotiates its terms. In producing the film she worked with the actors to devise a set of actions in an apartment, and then hired two documentary filmmakers to shoot the rehearsed sequences as if they were making a documentary film. Sworn edited the resulting footage to create a narrative which vaguely apes that of a genre film. She has described the work as ‘a seedy noir film that wishes it was an intellectual thriller’.

Corin Sworn (born 1977, London) lives and works in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include; Endless Renovation, ‘Art Now’, Tate Britain (2011); Tramway, Glasgow; Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art; Witte de With, Rotterdam (all 2010); EASTinternational, Norwich; Kunsthalle Basel (all 2009); Participant Inc. New York (2008). Sworn was nominated for The Jarman Award 2011 and The Jerwood / Film and Video Umbrella Award 2012, and has been selected to represent Scotland at the Venice Biennale, 2013.

The Rag Papers  is co-commissioned by Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (NAK) where the exhibition will be presented in April 2013. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Nite Flights

Nite Flights

For one night only.

6th February 2013 from 8pm - midnight

An evening of video and performance curated by MFA graduate Michelle Hannah, taking its theme from the fractured disco of Scott Walker's Nite Flights.
The night will feature work by local and national artists: Erica Eyres, Claudia Nova, Rachel Maclean, Rebecca Lennon, Mel Brimfield, Rose Ruane, Clara Ursitti, Sarah Tripp, Jen Liu and more..