Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Silver Smoke of Dreams

Silver Smoke of Dreams {in the Footsteps of The English Opium-Eater}

With this walk artist and Pataphysical Cartographer Jim Colquhoun will attempt to forge a ‘Northwest Passage’ through the city in the footsteps of the English Opium-Eater – Thomas De Quincey – sometime resident of Edinburgh and lifelong slave to the dreaded Blackdrop. In so doing we will recreate De Quincey’s drug-fuelled perambulations by other means – these will include Rhabdomancy (the ancient art of divination by way of a wand), certain exercises in Magickal Invocation, the reading aloud of forbidden texts, intense listening and the forming of a Circle of Power at a place of Occult Significance – all in the service of inducing altered states of consciousness with which to lift the Scales of Habit from our eyes and, in consequence, to view the city (and ourselves) in a New and Wondrous Light!

Participants may gather outside The Mitre on High St at Midday precisely on 22nd August…

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