Saturday, 18 September 2010

Corin Sworn - The Lens Prism

Recent MFA graduate Corin Sworn has a solo exhibition at Tramway, Glasgow. For her project at Tramway, she will present a new film commission shot in the vast main theatre of Tramway. Utilizing the theatrical spot lights to create a pattern of seen and not seen, a single narrator will weave together a series of narratives, each one connected to the last through association. One might begin with the description of a deteriorating museum of fossils and skeletons, paint peeling from the walls and the enormous antlers of a Stone Age deer described as thick with collected dust, this narrative becomes the story of a Chris Marker film that was once set here. Later we hear of the author Raymond Roussel who commissioned an illustrator to produce drawings for one of his books as much to mislead the reader as to situate them. This structure, of stories that unfold one from another, stems from the process by which the scripts are written. They are partially made from appropriated texts put in conversation with each other. Thereby creating a script that is a sort of museum itself.

Artist Talk : Sat 25 September, 3pm

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