Sunday, 24 February 2013

David Sherry - Sense Makes No Sense

Sense Makes No Sense
d Sherry
The Changing Room, Stirling

16 Feb - 12 April 2013

MFA graduate David Sherry’s art practice centres around performative ideas relating to everyday life and depicting ordinary experiences from a new perspective. Exploring beliefs, social interaction and real experience. Making works that re-access the acceptance of common values and exploring the thin vale of sanity and the contradictions in life.

Sherry gains, through his work, an insight into the psychological diversity of any singular situation, fragmenting what is accepted and analysing a basic moment in day to day life. Conveying the idea that nothing is permanent or stable, questioning what is understood and re-evaluating a collective perspective.

For his solo show at The Changing Room Sherry will present new video works alongside a new series of drawings & paintings.

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