Friday, 21 June 2013

Marbled Reams

Individual copies from Jennifer Bailey’s Marbled Ream are now available. Purchasing information and project background can be found below and at

Marbled Reams is a print project that launched at Publish and Be Damned 2009 with the initial production and display of 12 reams. The project continues with new reams being produced on a bi-monthly basis. The project is run by MFA graduate Tom Godfrey.

Marbled Reams is derived from an artwork produced by Godfrey with the same title in 2007 where a ream of A4 paper was marbled along one edge and displayed on a glass shelf.

Realising the potential vested in a stack of blank paper, and the ease at which the title could be mis-read as 'Marble Dreams', the artwork has been developed into an editioning/publishing project where artists are invited to produce a single A4 work that is then photocopied onto an entire ream. This is then marbled along one edge, offering a shared origin for all 500 sheets, documented for the projects website, and then displayed in its entirety, highlighting another theme in the project of linking the display of printed matter with that of sculpture.

28 different reams have been produced so far with each individual page available for a price of £1 + £2PP(this covers the cost of sending between 1 & 28 pages), annual subscriptions of £18 are also available to receive 6 further works produced bi-monthly.

If interested in purchasing copies and/or a subscription then please contact

Image: Jennifer Bailey 'Home Birth'


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