Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hetherington, Kerray and Piper at CCA Glasgow

Coming together for a group show in CCA1 & CCA3, Iain Hetherington (MFA 2004), Jacob Kerray and Owen Piper (MFA 2003) share a series of concerns with the reality of making work and the subsequent meaning of the results. Working between the borders of obsessive production, social realities and cultural allusions, the artists undermine and celebrate who art is for and why it is made.
Iain Hetherington’s paintings represent a world where access to technology allows everyone to be a producer of their own imagery. The presence of the comic book character, (Where’s) ‘Wally’, is suggested within the new series of works, appearing in empty dramas, high-genre fight clouds and abstractions. Picturing the banal reality of everyone-is-an-artist, Hetherington contemplates the departure of the beholder at the very moment of art's highest visibility.
Jacob Kerray’s work draws from the visual culture surrounding his interests — football, pro wrestling and historical painting — engaging with the hierarchies of culture and social distraction. Incorporating the iconography of Baroque portraiture, his paintings illustrate redundant modern mythological fantasies, aiming not to reassert male heroism, but to express it with a form of exaggerated lameness.
Owen Piper’s practice focuses on a desire to produce, rather than to evaluate. Making several small paintings a day using printed internet imagery, found objects and pre-stretched canvas, Piper rarely pauses to reflect on this accumulation, instead, his process of working is governed by the practicalities and constraints of his studio, life and interests.

Image: Owen Piper 'Le Peripherique' 2010

Saturday 3 August — Saturday 14 September 2013

11am – 6pm, Tue – Sat, FREE
Sauciehall Street

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