Sunday, 30 March 2014

Even more shows in Glasgow International featuring MFA graduates.....


Lotte Glob, Walker and Bromwich, Klaus Weber, Matthew Darbyshire, Jess Flood Paddock, Andy Holden, Alex Allan, Ewan Robertson and Gordon Munro, Jonathan Owen, Bobby Niven, George Wyllie, Iain Kettles, James McLardy, Alex Frost, Clare Stephenson, Nick Evans, Sarah Forrest, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Neil Livingstone, Jock Mooney, Beagles and Ramsay, Emma Pratt, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, David Shrigley, Ross Sinclair, Calum Stirling and historic works borrowed from Glasgow Museums.

Reclaimed - The Second Life of Sculpture

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr

Location: The Briggait
Wasps Studios presents Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture, a vast selection of works filling the courtyard space and displaying a wealth of objects from the past and present.
Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture features work held in long-term storage, including historical, modern and contemporary pieces, some of which have not been seen by the public for over two decades. The exhibition celebrates a multitude of sculptural practices, whilst addressing significant issues surrounding the production and collection of three dimensional work.
For details of associated talks and events check the website.
The exhibition is co-curated by Kate V Robertson, Martin Craig and Michelle Emery-Barker and supported by Glasgow International.

Jay Mosher & Lauren Hall

Comfortably Warm

Date: 04 Apr – 21 Apr

In this exhibition, artists Lauren Hall and Jay Mosher take inspiration from what they see as a change in quality of life residents of lower level tenement housing experience in comparison to their upstairs counterparts. Using contemporary objects, materials and processes, this site-responsive exhibition explores temperature variants in identical spaces determined merely by their change in elevation. Hall and Mosher share common interests in exploring new perspectives of consumer and industrial products and methodologies.



Alex Frost


Date: 05 Apr – 18 May Alex Frost’s exhibition at Glasgow Print Studio investigates themes of multiplicity, uniqueness and reproduction. This new work is based on the playful use of references, processes and materials dually referencing the nature of print and the current baby boom.
Working between contemporary and historical points of reference, Frost’s drawings and sculptures refer to the social, cultural or historical character of the gallery or public space that they are exhibited in. He often employs familiar signifiers of contemporary lifestyle as seen in his more recent large mosaics which suggest both an archaeological remain and a recent community initiative.

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