Friday, 4 September 2015

Hardeep Pandhal at Drawing Room, London

Visit Hardeep Pandhal’s Studio
3 –5 September, 12 - 6pm daily

Recent MFA graduate, Hardeep Pandhal has been selected for Drawing Room's 2015 Bursary Award. The award reflects Drawing Room’s commitment to supporting the development of artists’ practice by providing opportunities for risk taking and experimentation.

Pandhal experiments with non-linear modes of story-telling, parodic language and his own autobiographical content to reflect upon the displacing effects of acculturation: in coming of age, initiation and reformatory practices. He says: “I am interested in how degrees of political correctness shift over time, and how these shifts expose seemingly permissible forms of inhumanity. Not without risk taking, I believe art can both confront and sublimate the tragic to convey otherwise unrepresentable ideas, address situations of compromise and articulate marginalised positions.” 

This is a chance to see the new work that Pandhal has made throughout August during his residency at Drawing Room.

Drawing Room
12 Rich Estate,
Crimscott Street
London SE1 5TE
Tel 020 7394 5657

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