Saturday, 20 February 2016

Katie Schwab Together In A Room


Katie Schwab

Together in a Room

20 February – 24 April 2016
Together in a Room is an exhibition of new work by Katie Schwab, developed through her time as Associate Producer, part of Satellites Programme 2016.

Katie's practice incorporates textiles, video, ceramics and functional furniture brought together in installations. The exhibition Together in a Room is a culmination of the research that Katie has undertaken as Associate Producer for Satellites Programme 2016, and is concerned with the potential relationships built between people, shapes, colours and histories within an interior environment.
During her time with Collective, Katie has developed her interest in the politics of, and relationships between, craft, design, housing and education. As part of her research, she has visited spaces associated with forms of 20th and 21st century domestic design and craft education, including homes, museums, showrooms, schools and colleges.
Inspired by storefront displays and 1960’s Lundby dolls house design, Katie has created a new installation for Collective’s temporary exhibition space that comprises a new film work, embroidery, handmade stools and decorated floor and walls. All of the elements in the exhibition have been made simultaneously, meaning that shapes, lines, rhythms and colours are echoed throughout the different mediums. Katie graduated from the MFA Programme at Glasgow School of Art in 2015.


City Observatory and City Dome
38 Calton Hill

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