Sunday, 18 November 2007


A little bit of background information from the GSA website.....

"Throughout the 1990s, the City of Glasgow witnessed an explosion of activity in the visual arts. Artists, critics and curators from all over the world have visited Glasgow to see for themselves what curator Hans Ulrich Obrist has termed 'the Glasgow miracle'. There are many young practicing artists working in Glasgow who have helped shape a thriving creative community generating artist-led initiatives, permanent and temporary gallery spaces, and innovative approaches to public and site specific work.
The Glasgow School of Art, Master of Fine Art programme began in 1988 and has achieved international recognition as a centre of excellence in postgraduate education in the visual arts. The programme occupies a unique and influential position within the extraordinary dynamic that characterises the visual art community in Glasgow. It plays a pivotal role in the education, support, and promotion of artists who have chosen to study and practice in the city."

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