Friday, 30 November 2007

The Weirding and the Uncanny

The Weirding and the Uncanny

A Host Production Curator: Levi Hanes

1 December - 14 December 2007 Newbery Gallery at The Glasgow School of Art
Private View: Friday 30 November 6pm – 8pm

The Weirding and the Uncanny is a Host production. Host is a collective based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, established to facilitate exhibitions for independent artists’ groups and individuals. Curated by MFA student, Levi Hanes, the exhibition incorporates a range of international artists using digital video, photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture to explore notions of utopia and dystopia, mystery and the uncanny.

The Weirding derives from the books of Frank Herbert’s Dune series and is given to a mystical/psychological/physiological means of manipulating the subject’s surroundings. Herbert’s influence for the geography of the book comes from Florence, Oregon a beach town dominated by monstrous invading sand dunes.

Many of the artists selected for the show come from the West Coast of the United States, notably Oregon, which shares a wilderness of Gothic weirdness akin to the landscapes of Scotland. The intention of the show is to reflect the similarities and differences held by artists across the continents. Though many of the artists are from varied locales, they share geographic and thematic similarities along with inevitable foreignness inherent to their cultural differences.

Artists in the show include:
Nat Andreini (USA), Jake Arcularius (USA), Ruth Barker (UK), Mark Briggs (UK), Nicolas Ceccaldi (EU), Luke Collins (UK), Ashby Collinson (UK), Helen de Main (UK), Salomeh Grace (UK), Levi Hanes (UK), Maj Hasager (EU), Midori Hirose (USA), Ragnar Jonasson (UK), Heike Kabisch (UK), Lucy Keany (UK), Conor Kelly (UK), Kristan Kennedy (USA), Mairi Lafferty (UK), Corey Lunn (USA), Veronica Lussier (UK), Niall MacDonald (UK), Tamar Monhait (USA), Douglas Morland (UK), Katie Orton (UK), Rallou Panagiotou (UK), Daniel Peterson (USA), Meg Peterson (USA), Kevin Pollock (UK), Nathanial Price (USA), Adam Sorensen (USA), Zefrey Throwell (USA), Tracy Timmins (USA), Emmett Walsh (UK), Jay Winebrenner (USA).

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