Sunday, 27 November 2016

Eating An Ulster Fry Up Off an Ipad

James Oberhelm

Project Space, The Vic, 20 Scott Street, Glasgow, G3 6PE
Tue 29th November 2016 Roman, 3pm

Ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls
beasts and dreamers
advocates and indicted

here in the cancerous labyrinth of our techno-imperium, in the acrid and rancid miasma of a millennia-long come-down, where imprisonment in the rotten bowels of a slave camp is hawked as a brave new transcendence, we find ourselves in a greasy spoon, down some overlooked byway at an unknown hour, face to face with death in the form of a clown. It is The Maggot, here to instruct us in the perverse art of cosmic reversion, by means of a fry-up. Hidden in the face of the dark satanic everywhere that is the consumer totality, the imperialism of ordered normality collapsing into the viscid maw of a joyously devouring demon is revelation of everyday life.

Have you ever wondered how you really do become death, destroyer of worlds? 
Come along then.

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