Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Making People Up

Tramway’s annual Artists' Moving Image Festival (AMIF), will challenge the conventions of the cinema space through strategies of disruption, subversion and intervention.
Day 1: Making People Up, Saturday 5 November
Programmed by Sarah Tripp

Making People Up manifests characters on the screen, stage and page. This programme of screenings, performances and readings in three 'acts' will unfold within the exposed, theatrical machinery of Tramway 1.

Introduction: 12:00
by Anna McLauchlan, Carrie Skinner and Brighton-Upton Trust

ACT 1: 12:15–13:45pm

Screening: Opaque
Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz
10 min,
HD video, 2014

Performance: Like a Rolling Stone
Aniara Omann
Performed by Jody Henderson and Kenneth Wilson
20 min, 2016

Screening: The Last Performance
Jérôme Bel
59 min,
Video, 1998

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