Saturday, 25 April 2015

Aniara Omann at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

An open studio day of Aniara Omann’s work at Project Space 1 at Glasgow Sculpture Studios takes place on Friday 01 May, between 12-5pm.

Aniara Omann was awarded a two-week production period in the project space at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, for her exhibited work at the Glasgow School of Art MFA degree show 2014. In alignment with this, Aniara Omann would like to share her current work and research done during her time at GSS, including a series of new sculptural work from her on-going project focused on movie prosthetics and special effects.

Aniara Omann’s work reflects an idea of the present as a hybrid of imagined realities of future and past, and the continuous investment into historical objects as fiction.
Drawing parallels between celebrity-identity, ancient objects, and historical signifiers, which exist in the common realm as placeholders for that which they were once a part of, her work points to the play of different levels of fiction, socially applied to individual objects, and the interconnection that exists within and around each thing. She employs a wide range of methods of production including sculpting, casting, drawing, video making, and animation. The outcome often reflects a play around the boundary between “appropriation” and “making”.

The project is supported by Glasgow Masters Series 2014.

Upcoming projects:

Prehistoric Loom” Glasgow Open House Festival, 11 Doune Gardens, May 2nd 2015

Performance at launch of Gnommero, Centre for Contemporary Art, May 15th 2015

Glasgow Sculpture Studios
The Whisky Bond
2 Dawson Road
Glasgow G4 9SS

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