Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Lots of current MFA students and recent graduates are involved in this festival.
Check out info on all artists, exhibitions and events here: http://www.glasgowopenhouse.co.uk/

Glasgow Open House Art Festival 2015 (2–4 May) will be packed with exhibitions and events that will take place across a diverse range of venues in Glasgow.

Over half of its 2015 programme will take place in and around artists’ homes, reflecting the strong sense of community that is so crucial to the success of Glasgow’s thriving art scene.  Artists will welcome friends, neighbours and strangers alike into their homes to offer their hospitality and to share with them their art, music, performances and stories.

The rest of the festival — almost 30 listings comprising public art, exhibitions and events— will occupy overlooked or alternative spaces spanning the breadth of the city. In the west end highlights will include interventions at the Botanic Gardens and North Kelvin Meadow, in the South Side festivalgoers can visit a number of shows taking place at the Laurieston Arches (a series of empty railway arches just South of the River Clyde), in the East End a launderette is the site for a community-themed photography show, and in Glasgow’s city centre there will be artwork literally under your feet.

Bespoke screen-printed flags made in partnership with Colour_Hotel and Project Ability artists will signpost the various venues sprawled across the city, ensuring visitors won’t miss any of the less obvious festival sites. Free programmes and maps will be available to collect at a number of points in the lead up to the festival.

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